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Taking a step forward

In 1969, we started as a company specializing in Solenoid valves. Since its establishment, we have responded to diversifying customers' needs with our unique system that manufactures high-quality products at low cost and in a short time.

Company Profile

Contribution to Car culture and manufacturing

We aim to contribute to the "car culture and manufacturing " by developing technologies that will lead to the next generation by introducing the latest technology information.

Technical information

The joy of making things

Would you like to change the future together with the technological capabilities built by your seniors? A flexible system that can respond to drastic changes in users' ingenuity and enthusiasm.

Employment information
From molding to assembly

Integrated production system

Our strength lies on an integrated production system from precision insert molding to assembly. We manufacture integrated production of solenoid valves from bobbin molding to windings, secondary moldings, and assemblies, as well as other assembly products.

An imaging device has been installed to improve the accuracy of visual inspection. We are also focusing on improving quality and productivity, such as by automating molding insert work. We will continue to strive for new developments with the three keywords of "safety," "economy," and "comfort."

Winding & Assembly

High quality product processing is possible by winding thin wires and welding (fusing) technology.


By possessing a vertical / horizontal injection molding machine from 60t to 300t, it is possible to support precision molding for a wide range of products.

Development Technology

We carry out manufacturing while giving consideration to the global environment and having a solid perspective of pursuing social needs.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality checks will help the world. We strive to maintain high quality with 3D coordinate measuring machines and X-ray inspection machines.

Founded in 1969

Solenoid valve manufacturer

Solenoid valve is an electro-mechanical valve that is commonly employed to control the flow of liquid and gas in automobiles. It can also be used for hydrogen gas pressure control of fuel cell vehicles (FCV). It is designed with sufficient consideration for durability against vibration, high temperature, low temperature, operation, etc., and has high reliability.

Since its establishment in 1969, the company had been refining its "manufacturing" technology for resin molding and winding as a specialized manufacturer of solenoid valves for automobiles. We will continue to move forward based on the technology and achievements we have cultivated.


Main Products

Solenoid valves for automobile parts, solenoid valves for general-purpose machines, design, manufacture and sale of molded products, electronic parts for automobiles (for EVs), etc.

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