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Technical information

Quality Assurance

Strict quality checks will help the world. We strive for high-quality maintenance using 3D coordinate measuring machines and microscopes.


We measure parts and products using 3D coordinate measuring machines, microscopes, image dimension measuring machines, contour shape measuring machines and other measuring tools.
We also use thermal shock testers as a product durability test to ensure quality every day.

3D coordinate measuring machine
Image dimension measuring machine
Contour shape measuring machine
Our measuring machines

Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, microscope, image dimension measuring machine, contour shape measuring machine, roughness measuring machine, Amsler testing machine, magnifying projector, roundness measuring machine, spring testing machine, Vickers hardness tester, thermal shock tester, X-ray inspection device, etc.

Winding & Assembly

High quality product processing is possible by winding thin wires and welding (fusing) technology.


By possessing a vertical / horizontal injection molding machine from 60t to 300t, it is possible to support precision molding for a wide range of products.

Development Technology

We carry out manufacturing while giving consideration to the global environment and having a solid perspective of pursuing social needs.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality checks will help the world. We strive to maintain high quality with 3D coordinate measuring machines and X-ray inspection machines.